• Image of Serpents "Nulla Eres" Pre-Order package #3

This package includes: a digital download of "Nulla Eres", limited stickers, 2016 guitar picks, physical copy of the album a signed 8x10 photo, AND a shirt (grab bag style)! FREE SHIPPING.

After 2 long years, the universe has brought forth yet another musical offering for your enjoyment. The release of the fourth full length Serpents album entitled, Nulla Eres, is due by digital/physical release early Spring 2016. "Nulla Eres" track listing consists of:

I: The Flaming One
II: The Land of the Lawless
III: The Rise to Retribution
IV: The Testament of Ishtar
V: The Path to Tiphareth
VI: The Holy Hammer
VII: The Kingdom of the Serpent

"Nulla Eres" marks the fourth solo effort of former Defiler and Oceano guitarist Andrew Mikhail under the Serpents epithet. "Nulla Eres" was written, performed, produced, and tracked by Andrew Mikhail at his home studio in Grand Rapids, MI. Additional drum tracking and production for the record was done by Jordan Milner (The Breathing Process). Cover artwork for "Nulla Eres" was created by artist, Vincent Giuliano

"this album has survived the loss of love, an out of state move, deaths of friends and family, and the dissipation of probably one of the most promising record deals a metal guitarist could sign in this time period...it has a lot of feeling in this one." - Andrew Mikhail

more info, order information, and upcoming tour schedules can be found at the band's Facebook page @ www.Facebook.com/WeAreSerpents or www.TrveMedia.com