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This package includes: a digital download of "Temet Nosce", limited stickers, 2018 guitar picks, physical copy of the album, a signed 8x10 photo, a shirt (grab bag style) and a LIMITED 1 of 49 12x26 screen-printed poster (numbered by hand as well)! FREE SHIPPING.


Within it's many years of being, fans of metal music have collectively praised SERPENTS as an underground "art movement" with it's two albums to date, powerful messages, and their select performances on tour alongside the likes of WRETCHED and THE BROWNING solidifying the claim. After the independent success of the 2014 album "Pestilence", American "Dionysian" artist and one of the founding fathers of "Blackened Deathcore"; SERPENTS will release a new full-length album, entitled, "Temet Nosce" this Spring via TRVE MEDIA MUSIC worldwide. The new CD consists of 7 songs that were recorded by SERPENTS' own Andrew Mikhail (ex-OCEANO, DEFILER) in his home studio located in Austin, Texas. From there, the album was mixed and mastered in Los Angeles by acclaimed producer Logan Mader (FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, GOJIRA, FEAR FACTORY).

"Temet Nosce" track listing:

The Flaming One
The Lust of The Lawless
The Salt and The Stone
The Black Sun
The Ecstasy of Nil
The Peacock's Tail
The Winds of Will
The Sunset and The Silhouette

Mikhail adds: "Temet Nosce" is hard to define, because it is meant to be a call-to-action rather than just an album of cool sounding songs. It is an esoteric piece of art; invoking whatever lies hidden within you, for better or worse. However, as the years had passed creating this "Magnum Opus" of ours, the album has gone through quite a distillation process; and in return, it has taken many shapes, forms, and meanings. Thus becoming a more sentimental piece for me, being that it also gives the world a closer look into my personal life, my loss, my love; and my many rebirths.

To "Know Thyself" is the Great Work, and that is this album's purpose; alike the albums before it, this is an exercise in illumination that I have decided to share with the masses in hopes that it will inspire others to follow suit. How that pans out, is strictly up to the listener; as this understanding comes from the perspective that it is not necessarily the lyrics or music itself that has any inherent magickal qualities, but it is the 'initiate' themselves.

It is a journey, a call to adventure, an incantation; but most of all, it is an experience."

The first single entitled, "The Lust of The Lawless" can be streamed now on Bandcamp at WeAreSerpents.Bandcamp.com

more info, order information, and upcoming tour schedules can be found at the band's Facebook page @ www.Facebook.com/WeAreSerpents or www.WeAreSerpents.com